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Not just built for today. Building for tomorrow.

DIRTT is breaking the barriers to building better by continuously innovating our products and processes so clients can realize their unique vision. They're building environments that are constantly in development, ever-ready to grow with a changing tomorrow.

Industrialized construction with DIRTT combines innovative processes and technologies that enable solutions to be designed, organized, configured, and manufactured off-site, with final assembly completed at the job site. It offers unrivaled design freedom, accuracy, and quality assurance together with total certainty in cost, schedule, and outcomes.

DIRTT's Philosophy

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Universal Interface.

DIRTT supports any function, aesthetic, or technology. Components interface with future and past iterations, or third-party elements. This interface is similar to how a socket and plug allow any kind of appliance to plug into the wall. Neither the socket nor plug determine how the appliance is designed or how it evolves over the years. They simply provide an interface for the use of the appliance in our daily lives.

ICE technology

Intelligent Framework.

DIRTT provides a flexible framework for design. Designers are empowered to make their own decisions within a set of guidelines. The rules are managed through our signature ICE construction & visualization technology for a simplified experience.

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Comprehensive Components.

In order to support our clients’ needs, DIRTT offers a wide array of parts and pieces to construct their spaces. From casework to timber elements, products can be combined to create spaces where people come together, connect, and collaborate.

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