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A/V and Workplace Technology

The future of work is now - and it requires seamless technology integration that transcends location, generation and culture. Make your spaces & places work, communicate, and unite together with Bialek.

Audio Visual technology and remote work tools have the ability to Pioneer environments and enhance the way companies work. If you’re looking for efficient, cost-effective, and technology-driven ways to improve your bottom line, let Bialek guide you to the best solution.

From improving hybrid-focused solutions in Commercial offices, to enhancing secure connections in Government environments, to providing premier tele-health communications in the Healthcare space, we have the experienced know-how for a wide breadth of markets.

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Workplace Technology

To amplify your employee's experience and create a comprehensive solution for your space, bundle your A/V needs with Bialek's furniture and modular wall solutions.

We're a one-stop-shop for all your workplace needs - with our full-service capabilities, technology is never a second thought in the design process.

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Conferencing Solutions

Bialek provides integrated solutions to perfectly fit how your business works with easy-to-use technology. From collaborative spaces to conference rooms to large meeting areas, our expert team can provide your company with a place to work, thrive, and socialize.

We deliver Workplace Tech solutions with consistency across an organization. Simple plug & play technology requires just one click to join, present, and collaborate with video conferencing.

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Digital Signage & Wayfinding

Bialek's digital solutions simplify the process of choosing and managing digital signage, interactive media, custom LED video walls, conference room scheduling, and visual content. Digital signage and solutions allow you to display and manage your brand, internal messaging, and company culture - make a wow-factor for your clients and employees!

We can also set your brand apart from the competition with our in-house creative services. Creative, fresh, and relevant content is required to make your digital signage impactful - Bialek can provide in-house creative and branding services to maximize your investment.

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Unified Communications & Technology Partners

Unified Communications (UC) is more important than ever. It’s crucial that no matter where your employees are working from, they have the resources they need to communicate easily and effectively. Bialek is here to help your organization stay on the same page when it comes to technology systems, ensuring work can be done safely, comfortably, and efficiently from anywhere.

Bialek strategically partners and collaborates with world-class partners to deliver unmatched AV solutions to our clients, including: Crestron, Poly and Cisco.
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Smart Office Solutions

Bialek is here to help you optimize your time and space at the office. Our Smart Office capabilities will inform your organization with important information as to how your space is being utilized so you can make informed decisions about your facility. We can analyze real-time occupancy, environmental monitoring, contact tracing, and workplace culture.

Reserve work locations, and make hybrid-schedules easy to manage with our wide variety of workplace space-management software like Teem, Live Platform, Cisco and more!

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Customer Care

Bialek ensures all A/V equipment is installed, managed, and serviced with consistency. Our team will manage the life cycle of your AV assets. We will provide guidance on the latest technology and build a path for you to upgrade at the ideal time.

Designing a space while considering all functions and purposes of the environment allow us to ensure seamless integration, coordinated efforts, and the visibility to identify areas for potential cost savings.

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