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Spaces For Change

We solve problems for people - their health and well-being, safety, productivity, comfort, and enjoyment. To "b.Impactful" means to align ourselves with work that truly celebrates the importance of representation and community engagement.

By taking active participation in MillerKnoll's mission towards ‘Design for The Good of Humankind’, Bialek is committed to furthering our community.

Though this commitment is upheld internally, it’s also a key driver of the very work we do, the clients we proudly serve, and the organizations we involve ourselves in.

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Impactful Projects

In every market we serve, Bialek prides itself on remaining involved with projects & client missions that change lives, create moments for education, and support healthy living.

- DC Central Kitchen
- MLK Jr. DC Public Library
- Military HC Outpatient Clinics
- Children’s National Hospital
- National Air & Space Museum
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Impactful Giving

Bialek leadership and staff regularly participate in volunteer opportunities & orgs., as well give annual *charitable donations to:

- Susan G. Komen Foundation
- Children's National Medical Center
- Kennedy Center
- We-Care w/ Herman Miller
- MillerKnoll Support for Ukraine

*Not a comprehensive list; please inquire for full
charitable donations / volunteering on behalf of Bialek.

Want To Learn More About Our Work?

Get in-touch with a representative to learn more about Bialek's efforts to positively engage with our community!