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bDifferent Program

Your professional path deserves support at every level. Bialek has reimagined NextGen as a curriculum for professionals throughout your career. Be Different!

In 2017, Bialek identified a growing need within the design community to empower and enlighten newer designers. Lisa Brockman, working closely with a team of experts, created the NextGEN program to support design principals in educating their next generation of leaders.

Now, revamping the concept of NextGen, Lisa and her team have created a program of courses designed to embolden the designer within to bDifferent at all levels!

bDifferent's exciting roster of courses, CEUs, Forums & MillerKnoll trips in 2022 promise opportunities to grow one's communication skills, career goals, RFP expertise, and industry knowledge.

bDifferent's NEW exclusive offerings include:

  • Managing a Team
  • Presentation Skills
  • Career Guidance
  • Writing a Better RFP
  • Business Development in Design
  • The Design Leadership Forum (in April & October 2022)

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