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Health and Wellness Trends - 2024

Our Bialek Health Team is buzzing with excitement for the trends shaping 2024, from cozy hospitality vibes to nature-inspired spaces and the fusion of mental and physical well-being!


In the ever-evolving realm of Healthcare design, staying ahead of trends is essential to crafting environments that prioritize patient well-being and comfort. The Bialek Health Team is at the forefront of this movement, anticipating and embracing the latest developments shaping the industry.

From fostering hospitality within healthcare settings to incorporating biophilic elements and seamlessly integrating mental and physical health considerations, these trend picks promise to invigorate the Health and Wellness experiences our expert team designs in 2024 and beyond!

Hear more from our team below on what trends they're loving - and why you should be excited about them too!


Hospitality in Healthcare

“Environments that nurture the caregiver and patient are at the core of hospitality.

Providing safe, inviting, comfortable, relationship-building environments that support therapeutic communication are other key aspects to this focus on ‘hospitality in healthcare’.

Looking into 2024, Bialek Health is excited to continue to outfit healthy spaces that both reduce anxiety and humanize the experience!”

- Amanda Petrusky; Executive Director, Health | Design

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Behavioral Health

“The balance of creating safe, durable, lasting environments that don’t look institutional has been every healthcare designers struggle for years; especially when speaking about behavioral health.

Furniture manufacturers have been taking notes though and we’ve seen an influx of players in the last few years.

There are more products than ever that offer options for a range of acuity levels combining mental/behavioral health considerations into everyday practice!”

- Kara Hennen; Healthcare Design Manager

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Healing & Biophilic Elements

“The integration of a healing environment and functional applications can create a soothing design solution that greatly enhances overall experience for patients and caregivers.

By combining elements such as tranquil aesthetics, user-friendly interfaces, biophilic elements, and personalized features, we can create a design solution that promotes healing, supports caregivers, and fosters a positive experience for all involved.”

- Maria DiPietro; Director of Health Sales
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