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  • Our Top 15 Healthcare Design Products from the 2023 HCD Conference!
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Our Top 15 Healthcare Design Products from the 2023 HCD Conference!

From groundbreaking seating solutions, to art that inspires wellness, check out our team's top 15 picks from HCD (Healthcare Design Conference + Expo) 2023 that are set to make an impact in future care environments.

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Serving as the ultimate nexus for networking, education, and product discovery, the HCD Conference showcases the latest in healthcare design research and strategies.

During this amazing 4-day event, our Health team had the privilege of exploring a myriad of cutting-edge products set to redefine Healthcare.

In this blog post, we're shining a spotlight on the top 15 most impactful solutions we loved, spanning categories such as seating, art and experiences, textiles, exam equipment, accessories, tables, desks, and headwalls.


Spec Apricus new BH chair

Spec Apricus Behavioral Health Chair

Featuring a distinct bent foot design, Apricus stands out. With separate seat and back components, upholstered side panels, and tamper-proof fasteners, this chair combines aesthetics with functionality. The nickel-plated, non-removable steel glides ensure stability and security.
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Stance Podium lounge

Stance Podium Lounge

The Stance Podium Lounge collection focuses on enhancing user comfort in diverse Healthcare settings. With wider, flat arms and additional surface space, it provides an ideal lounging experience, offering a restful respite for both patients and Healthcare staff.

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Willow Guest Seating Global

Global Willow Guest Seating

Designed in collaboration with patients and Healthcare professionals, the Willow chair sets a new benchmark. Its welcoming form and thoughtful detailing make it ideal for waiting and patient spaces. A variety of models, finishes, and upholstery options support modular and stand-alone applications.
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Carolina Chrys

Carolina Chrys Lounge

Chrys, inspired by the symbolism of a chrysalis, embodies a journey of transformation and personal growth within healthcare environments. Designed to meet the stringent demands of healthcare spaces, Chrys lounge and dining offers a unique fusion of comfort, durability, and safety.
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Pineapple Boden Beanbag Rocker

The Boden Beanbag Rocker was designed in association with Jason Beshore, Health Principal at HDR Architecture. As part of his work designing behavioral health spaces, he noted patients self-soothing by rocking back and forth on the floor rather than using rocking chairs available to them. The Boden’s gentle, controllable vestibular stimulation provides both comfort and calm.

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Palisade Sensory Friendly Chair

Nemschoff Palisade Sensory-Friendly Chair

Designed in collaboration with Jefferson Health, the chair is available in a single- or two-seat version. It features a solid surface arm cap with a tactile pattern and screens attached on two or three sides to reduce sensory inputs. The screens can be specified with bleach-cleanable materials, including non-woven upholstery.
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Art & Experiences

Skyline Art AR

Skyline Art Imagine ARt

ImagineARt from Skyline Art is a line of augmented reality experiences for all ages! Each interactive ImagineARt display is played on a mobile device in conjunction with illustrated wall art. All you need is internet access and a mobile device to engage in these interactive, stress-relieving art-scapes and games.

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Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows

Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows

Sky Factory Luminous Virtual Windows™ transform enclosed interiors into more spacious feeling and memorable environments with photographic illusions of wild natural vistas in a window-like frame. Their slim profile (2 3/8"/60mm) allows for surface mounting or recessed flush installation. By creating spaces in a continuous photographic scene, this installation allows viewers’ imaginations to fill in the gaps, heightening the illusion of space beyond the window.
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CF Stinson Natural Attraction

CF Stinson's Natural Attraction

Inspired by naturally formed patterns and textures, Natural Attraction takes queues from tree canopies and wood grains, river currents and rippling rain puddles, tumbling pebbles and springtime blossoms. The exclusive collection includes 66 soothing yet elegant color-ways.

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Exam Room

Versa Exam Table

Brewer Versa Exam Table

The award-winning Versa exam table gives you the ability to readily and cost-effectively adapt to your changing needs. When it comes to care, the standard model provides a new standard of quality and efficiency for most practices. Easily convert to a pediatric top to safely and effectively care for children from newborns to adolescents.
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Mossa 3 Wheel Glassboards Skyline Design

Skyline Design Mossa Glassboards

Mossa Mobile 3-wheel introduces a revolutionary “T-base” configuration for space division, eliminating tripping hazards, prioritizing patient safety, and enabling flexible space management against walls, promoting efficiency without compromising safety. Mossa also sports a nonporous, microbial-resistant surface that is easily cleanable, reducing the number of hospital-associated infections
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Array Networked Air Purifiers Monitoring Fellowes

Fellowes Array Networked Air Purifiers & Monitoring

Fellowes Array includes an integrated, breakthrough range of air purifiers, sensors, and monitoring software that can be connected to form a complete network for healthy air in any room, floor or space.

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Table, Desks and Headwalls


Futrus Adaptz Table

Made with highly durable and easily cleanable Corian, the Adaptz table (and larger line of Futrus Corian furniture) combines innovative designs with customizable 3-Dimensional textures. These stunning textures can also be reverse backlit with striking results, while maintaining a smooth surface. Choose from standard or custom textures and branding, with optional backlighting for enhanced visual effect.

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Futrus Hy-Rize Desk

The Hy-Rize Desk is designed with adaptability and ergonomics in mind. Featuring Futrus’ signature Corian surface, this cleanable and stylish desk promotes a comfortable and adjustable working environment for Health & Wellness professionals — ensuring they can focus on providing the best care.

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Futrus Prima 'Healthwall'

Designed with seamless, bleach cleanable Corian solid surface to help protect the health of patients and caregivers from Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) this ‘Healthwall’s’ panels are adaptable in multiple ways with images, patterns and backlighting to promote a calm, healing patient environment. Med gas and electrical wiring can be reconfigured to suit caregiver needs.

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