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#Pioneering Article Share: Digital Integration In The Workplace

Gone are the days of stagnant lobbies and conference rooms – here to stay are digital experiences that capture your organization’s brand, ignite imagination, & engage visitors.

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In Work Design Magazine's article, Marrying Office Technology And Design Thoughtfully, author John Rothenberg, from digital-design collective 'SOSO', predicts that in 2023 and beyond, managing digital signage, interactive media, LED video walls, conference room scheduling, and dynamic visual content will be paramount in interior designs that successfully amplify spatial experience.

Beyond the obvious aesthetic impacts beautiful digital experiences can add to a workplace, the positive cultural effects of integrating purposeful technology can make coming 'back to the office' a chance to find re-connection to an organization's mission.

"Technology can be a powerful tool that transforms the workplace into an experiential space that inspires creativity, collaboration, and community among coworkers and stakeholders, ultimately connecting them to the purpose and mission of the company...

Ultimately, a more expansive and experience-focused approach to technology integration in the workplace can lead to increased productivity and a more positive and supportive workplace culture."

Here at Bialek, we're actively involved in transforming our new showroom to have engaging tech-moments sprinkled throughout the space. From the digital 'Community Board' near the centralized culture-hub of the 'Beacon' area, to the captivating Nanolumens LED screen in the 'Multipurpose Room', we're thrilled to continue fostering our own vision of Pioneering Tomorrow's Workspaces through a commitment to digital-spatial innovation.

Externally, our own development of a burgeoning Workplace Technology / Audio Visual division has allowed us to offer premier digital integration to our DC-area and national-based clients.

Read more about the positive impacts of thoughtfully integrated technology & interiors below:

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