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Fall for Furniture

The "Autumn" edit is here - take a look at our favorite #pumpkinspice season reflected in these cozy, contract-grade picks that will make you fall in love time and time again - long after all the leaves have fallen!

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Andreuworld galeria oru chair 11

Oru Chair - Andreu World

With bold & vibrant colorways - and curves that harken back to 1970's design - the Oru Chair is perfect for cozy enclaves and warm settings. The Oru collection is also as sustainable as stylish, including a lounge chair version fully upholstered with recycled fabrics and foams.

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Nomad system lifestyle acapulco 1800x1800

Nomad Dividers - MIO

Who knew corrugated cardboard could be so chic? Easily transportable and flexible, these freestanding, modular room dividers can be configured into screens, partitions, displays or even rooms - this particular color combination reminds us of butternut squash & Earl Grey tea!

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Dava Lounge 02

Dava Lounge - Arcadia

Fall into something a bit more laidback with the Dava lounge series. Rounded forms envelope the body while two back heights accommodate various preferences, making this lounging experience one that surely welcomes a cup of something warm.

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Knot Cushion - Design House

Emblematic of a favorite old cable-knit sweater, this fun cushion is made from a knitted tube, several meters in length, which is then tied up to create a compact knot which is as comfortable as it is elegant to behold.

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12024 en linear steel side chair cafe table 70 dark green platform tray kink vase v2 muuto org

Linear Steel Chair - Muuto

Enjoy the fall breezes in this stunning yet durable chair from Muuto. The Linear Steel chair promises invitingly organic shapes and extensive comfort with signature long-lasting qualities that will have you sitting stylishly in all seasons.

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