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  • Reflect, the Clear Choice for Low-Profile Glass Walls
Pre-Fab Construction

Reflect, the Clear Choice for Low-Profile Glass Walls

Bring a slim-line solution and uneven floors together with a reliable fit.


Originally posted on DIRTT.com - Read the article here.

Clean Lines

With a base height of only 1¾ inches, Reflect is more than 60% thinner than DIRTT’s standard glass walls.

But that barely there aesthetic doesn’t sacrifice performance. Like everything that DIRTT designs, Reflect is made to adapt to your needs. Hidden within the base track is an innovative leveling system. It ensures that each pane of glass can be individually adjusted within a ½ inch of variance. That means Reflect works in more places with uneven floors.

The ceiling connection is a slim profile, too, allowing for clean lines wherever you need it. And to maintain a seamless look, Reflect also uses a transparent connection between the glass. This reduces the number of vertical supports you need so you don’t have to let anything get in the way of your vision.

Reliable Fit

If you know DIRTT, you know that our proprietary software can translate your design into precise manufacturing data. If you don’t know DIRTT, here’s why that matters. Our lean manufacturing facilities are powered by this technology. We can build with specificity down to a fraction of an inch to ensure that every part of your space has a perfect fit. Reflect is part of that ecosystem. Get the confidence that comes with that accuracy plus the accelerated lead times that DIRTT is known for.

Built-in Sustainability

Reflect also leverages the sustainability benefits of DIRTT’s manufacturing. The aluminum used in all DIRTT solutions contains 50 to 60% recycled content. That includes Reflect, but thanks to the design, the aluminum is kept to a minimum. Reflect is mostly glass and our precision manufacturing process allows the glass to be sourced locally when available. That reduces shipping costs and environmental impact. It’s a glass wall in harmony with your space and the environment.