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DIRTT - Iconoclasts; Amanda Schneider

In its latest iconoclast series, DIRTT spoke to ThinkLab founder Amanda Schneider, who shared her thoughts on what it means to work in the hybrid era, and the purpose of the workplace in our broader lives.

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This hybrid era is going to be one of the most important for our culture and society,” Schneider says. “Every organization is working to uncover what the right approach is, but it’s not one person’s decision.

According to Amanda, founder and president of ThinkLab, the pressure is on for companies and, in turn, designers to rethink how space is used. “When we’re freed up from a work location, just think about what that does for our quality of life,” she says. “Where we work will have an effect on where we live, where we heal, where we dine, where we play, and where we learn.”

So how can companies survive under this pressure? Through agility & inclusivity.

Agile spaces and inclusive work environments are two issues DIRTT's 'future-of-construction' modular wall systems can help tackle. Flexibility is at DIRTT solution's core, allowing employers to react to the needs around them as they face this hybrid era.

Read more here about Amanda's thoughts on creating effective hybrid-solutions in our post-pandemic world.

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