Power & Data Solutions from Bialek


Reconfigure, add, replace—modular power creates limitless possibilities

Power doesn't have to limit your plans, not if you use a modular system that opens up the potential for quick additions and easy changes. To help remove the mystery of electrical drawings, DIRTT Power is designed and delivered using ICE. Working with your designers and team, we determine the best placement and quantity of power needed for each work area. ICE automatically adds the components needed all the way back to the electrical panel, either through the ceiling or an access floor, and does the specifications and pricing for you. Any changes you make, even in 3D, are instantly modified in the quote and parts list. The design becomes the order. It is sent to DIRTT containing all the instructions for manufacturing your exact electrical needs. Modular interiors are only as agile as the infrastructure running through them. When electrical wiring is hardwired to each location, it becomes an anchor. However, if modular interiors have agile plug & play DIRTT Power running through them, you not only cut the anchor – you control your future.

The other half of the power story is data and low-voltage wires that are run onsite. By using ICE and DIRTT's panel system, network cables can be pre-planned so that when the panels arrive, they are already wired for your Ethernet or fiber needs. DIRTT Networks offer a factory built, pre-tested and componentized approach to building sustainable network infrastructure. Connections simply click together, eliminating the need for inefficient or expensive on-site trades. Technologies such as Passive Optical Networks (PONs) make it possible to replace large numbers of Ethernet cabling, using fiber lines that can replace network closets and chases that can run throughout a building.