Workplace Strategy & The Living Office

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Workplace Strategy & The Living Office

Making your real estate work harder.

A Living Office is a high-performing workplace that elevates your teams’ environments, based upon your strategic goals. Its design is based on the latest understanding of people’s motivations and experiences applied through a lens focused on your needs. Through a holistic offering of knowledge, tools, products, and services, Living Office helps organizations and their design partners create settings where the surroundings, furnishings, and tools work in concert to fulfill fundamental human needs. A unique mix of these settings form landscapes that look different, feel better, and are ideally suited to the work being done and the people doing it. In this way, the workplace can become a strategic tool for supporting the drivers of success many organizations value, such as improving attraction and retention, stimulating innovation, and increasing efficiency. Working closely with Herman Miller’s strategists and researchers, Bialek can create a roadmap for your Living Office.