Programming & Pre-Design

Intellistruct Process

Programming & Pre-Design

Define your goals and process.

In this phase, Intellistruct will meet with all team players to understand the project goals and delivery method. At this point, we review the program to identify areas where DIRTT solutions can be utilized and what areas require conventional construction, ensuring the budget and schedule align with the project requirements. We also demonstrate how ICE will impact the design assist approach and integrate into the BIM/Design process. As a design & construction team, we will review typical CSI sections that DIRTT will cover as a “super-sub”. This phase also includes an initial Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) / Probable Cost of Construction as it relates to the overall budget and goals of the project as established by the end user and design team. The DIRTT team will reconcile the costs per trade with the
design/construction team to ensure all items are accounted for and no overlaps exist.