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Project Management

From furniture management to interior construction, Bialek's project managers provide a number of services to ensure your project goes off without a hitch.

No matter what brings you to Bialek, you are assigned a project manager who is part of the team that shepherds your project to completion. Having a PM on board from the beginning ensures that all details are shared across the team and that the installation proceeds as planned. Bialek’s project managers value open and clear communication when working with you, as well as with your facilities management, contractors, and architecture team. We want to make sure we’re on-site, available, and ready to serve whenever you or your contractors need us.

Scope Development
Your Bialek project manager works alongside one of our account managers and a designer to develop your project plan—including ordering, design, the necessary tradesmen, and installation.

Scheduling and Sequencing
A comprehensive schedule helps to identify potential roadblocks and clears the way for a clean install. We pay special attention to your unique needs, such as the need to remain operation during the project or special hours for installation.

Verification of Existing Conditions
Prior to a move or the addition of new furnishings, we conduct a visual inspection of your site and existing furnishings. Even if you’re just placing a new order, we’ll need to visit your site to see the installation area, check your building’s loading area, assess the size of your elevators and other logistical considerations that could affect the success of the project.

Design Validation and Trade Coordination
Your Bialek project managers work closely with design professionals from the beginning of every project. They check your design against existing conditions and installation logistics to ensure your expectations are met and risk is reduced. If construction is required, your project manager also works with those trades to ensure a smooth build out and installation.

Site Logistics Management
Your Bialek project manager will manage all the logistics on moving or installation day to make sure everything goes as planned.

Punch List Management
Project managers serve as the final check, ensuring your space is what you ordered. They check the condition of everything installed and ensure everything is in working order. If there are short ships or mistakes in loading a truck, we act as your advocate to get the situation rectified as soon as possible—and track it to ensure you don’t have to.