Keep It New

Client Services

Ongoing Service for All Your Spaces

A well-designed space is more than aesthetics.

Keep It New—KIN—is a valuable post-installation service that protects your furniture investment with a customizable, proactive warranty and maintenance program. KIN provides comprehensive inspections, where we take on the task of keeping your furniture at its best. Our services include evaluation of all covered pieces, including…

  • Identification of furnishings that need immediate repair, replacement or cleaning.
  • Proactive attention to all items covered under manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Pieces not covered under warranty can be addressed at a reduced service cost.
  • Recliner and chair repairs and adjustments.
  • In-service training for staff who need to know more about the function of any product.
  • Spot cleaning, as well as wood and metal touch-ups.
  • Furniture adjustments to help ensure a proper ergonomic work or healing environment.
  • In-between visit emergencies or touch-ups.

Your facility image is projected to all who visit, and keeping your environment looking its best can contribute to patient and family satisfaction—which in turn, can contribute to improved employee satisfaction and productivity. A consistently fresh, clean and functional facility is a great investment.