Design & Specification

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Design & Specification

Turning your needs and goals into a new space.

When you’re designing a workplace where people can do their best work, you need the support of the best designers and services available. We work with you to define goals for your workplace that align with your organization’s strategy, and we help you develop office landscapes that will enable people to succeed. Our designers use the latest design and product specification software to help you realize your workplace plans. We provide 2D and 3D drawings that allow you and your design team to clearly understand the products and strategies in your new space. These drawings directly feed into our specifications, ensuring there is a direct correlation to the order. Bialek is proud of our design team, each of whom are either certified interior designers or graduates of accredited interior design programs. By placing an emphasis on our design team’s qualifications and giving them the time to focus on design, we are able to provide each client with the product they want at a cost and schedule they need. Each project is checked by a teammate who can give the drawings and specifications “fresh eyes” to verify accuracy—this quality assurance program means we save our clients’ time and money and make the best use of our manufacturing partners.