Bialek serves colleges, universities and schools across the Mid-Atlantic with sustainable design and furnishings.

Competition among schools is tough. Students and families visit many institutions with seemingly similar curricula, so your faculty and facilities need to stand out. Your interior design and furnishings play a critical role in enabling the mix of faculty know-how and student interest. This is what your alumni remember. Bialek specializes in designing the spaces your students, faculty, and staff spend their lives in, whether it is lecture halls and seminar rooms or residence halls and dining spaces. When it comes to research and learning laboratories, Bialek's experience cannot be beat.

Design & Furnishings

Whether it’s a student area or one for faculty and staff, education spaces have a unique balance of productivity and visibility that must be created in a limited window and with complex budget requirements. Bialek's manufacturers can supply the furniture, technology, and construction you need, without limiting your options for new pedagogies and technology.

Sustainable Design

Our LEED consultants are passionate about incorporating sustainable products and ideas into your design. Count on us to help you achieve your goals of reducing your carbon footprint while providing flexible options that will grow and change with your faculty.

Move Management

If you’re moving offices or classrooms around on campus, Bialek will inventory your assets, help manage your move, and optimize space in the new location.

Interior Manufactured Construction

Reconfigurable, movable, and smart walls from DIRTT, as well as raised flooring and modular power/data solutions, are a great way to incorporate sustainable design and keep your options flexible for the future. With embedded technology, your I.T. department will find infinite flexibility with secure mounting and easy access. Take your smart classrooms up a notch by hiding the tech and spotlighting the learning, using something as simple as glass marker boards over screens or by embedding screen matrices that can immerse students in distance learning.

Create engaging, beautiful spaces for your next generation of students.

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