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New Talent Thursday: Welcome Brooke, Meggie & Carmen!

Introducing Talent Thursdays where we'll be celebrating (and highlighting) our newest #pioneers. Welcome Brooke Addams, Meggie Chen, and Carmen Ritter to Bialek! 🎉🚀

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We are thrilled to kick off the first edition of 'Talent Thursdays' and introduce three exceptional individuals who have recently joined our growing team at Bialek.

First up is Brooke Addams, our Digital Design Integrator, whose problem-solving approach is deeply rooted in her foundation in design. Brooke meticulously considers both the solution and the project's limitations, skillfully striking a balance that leads to the creation of the best possible outcome.

Next, we have Meggie Chen, our talented new Installation Coordinator, who finds immense joy in overseeing projects from start to finish, witnessing visions transform into reality. Eager to learn from her remarkable colleagues, especially those in the Project Management team, Meggie is excited to contribute her expertise to the Bialek family.

Last but certainly not least, we warmly welcome Carmen Ritter, Staff Accountant, who expresses sincere gratitude for the opportunity to be part of a company that truly values its employees and invests in their professional growth. Carmen is wholeheartedly committed to contributing to Bialek's pioneering vision and looks forward to making meaningful contributions to our collective success.

With their diverse talents and unwavering dedication, Brooke, Meggie, and Carmen have undoubtedly elevated our team!
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Brooke Addams

Brooke Addams

My career foundation was in Interior Design as a Designer for various furniture dealers. I have a creative and curious mindset and have worked to learn how our industry works on a macro level.

This includes taking on PM work and pivoting to focus on how technology can be leveraged to make us more effective and our customers experience better. My biggest strengths are being fearless and inquisitive.

I am always considering both the solution and the limitations that we are working within, balancing both to hopefully create the best option.
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Meggie Chen

Meggie Chen

My experience consisted of owning my own restaurant and managing product launches for a start-up in Los Angeles.

I enjoy overseeing projects from beginning to end and seeing a vision come to life.

I am excited to continue to learn from all my wonderful team members here at Bialek especially those on the Project Management team!

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Carmen Ritter

Carmen Ritter

I moved to the DMV area from Asheville, NC in 2022 and have loved getting to know a new city. My experience prior to Bialek has been in multiple industries. I worked for 13 years in restaurant management, event planning and restaurant financials.

I was thrilled when the Bialek team decided to train me on the AR side of accounting because I love to be challenged and learn. I’m looking forward to growing and contributing to the company! Outside of work, I live with my spouse, my dog and 2 cats! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful company who values their employees and invests in their growth.
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