Bialek is proud to be an exclusive partner of Healthe Inc., the global technology leader of UVC and Far-UVC 222 technologies whose mission is to harness the power of light to create safer, more productive, and healthier environments for all. Are you ready to experience Life in a Different Light™?

Healthe is collective of scientists and pioneers who are passionate about using light science to solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges. For over 20 years Healthe has adopted NASA technology to engineer solutions that create cleaner and more productive indoor environments through the air we breathe and surfaces we touch.

With Healthe, UVC 222 solutions are available for any size and application.

Come explore Healthe’s chemical-free UVC sanitization solutions below.

How Does UVC 222nm Work?

Healthe’s UVC solutions utilize a natural wavelength of UVC light (Far-UVC or UVC 222), a wavelength which multiple published studies* have determined is effective at inactivating pathogens but IS NOT strong enough to penetrate human skin or tear layers. Read more here:

Is UVC 222nm Safe?

While exposure to higher wavelengths of UV light like UVA and UVB can be hazardous to human health, UVC 222nm is highly effective for inactivating viruses. Multiple published studies1 have determined UVC 222nm is effective at inactivating pathogens but IS NOT strong enough to penetrate human skin or tear layers.

How is Healthe Better Than Traditional Chemical Sanitization?

Healthe UVC 222 solutions require no downtime and no harmful chemicals so they can help you save time and reduce the risk of accidental contamination for occupants.

Is UVC 222nm Effective?

UVC 222nm has been proven to be effective at inactivating up to 99.9% of pathogens.*

* 1 UVC 222nm Study: Kobe University March 2020

* 2 Refers to 99.9% inactivation rate found in solutions such as Healthe AIR™. Click HERE for a link to the study

Healthe® Solutions

Healthe Air

Healthe® Air 2.0

The new Healthe Air 2.0 is a multi-stage air sanitization system that combines the germicidal properties of ultraviolet C (UVC) and HEPA-Carbon activated filtration to improve air quality. Triggered by an integral motion sensor, cleaning is automatically activated when motion is detected. The Air 2.0 also delivers visible light in 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K CCT to illuminate any space.

Read more about Healthe® Air 2.0 here.

Healthe Space

Healthe® Space

The Healthe SPACE™ is a passive and continuous method to clean air and surfaces in occupied indoor spaces. Equipped with a Far-UVC source, the Space works at the source, where exposure is highest and pathogens spread the most.

Learn more about Healthe® Space here.

Healthe entry

Healthe® Entry

An effective pathogen mitigation strategy should include multiple layers of protection. The ENTRY provides a first line of defense in reducing microbes on clothing and personal belongings as people enter a space. The Entry employs Far-UVC 222nm light to penetrate and inactivate air and surface microbes.

Read more about Healthe® Entry here.

Healthe cleanse

Healthe® Cleanse

Cleanse safely and silently cleans upper room air in occupied spaces, improving air quality with the natural germicidal properties of UVC 222nm light. Smart features automate the cleaning and maintenance process.

Learn more about Healthe® Cleanse here.

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