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Asset Management & Maintenance

Bialek inventories your office furniture and interior modular construction, tracks their use
and performs repair, Keep It Clean, Keep It New and warranty maintenance services on them.

Asset Management & Maintenance

Inspired Idea. Do any of your office assets need Keep It New, Keep It Clean or repair service? Fill out an online form and Bialek will get it done!

Bialek Environments manages the entire lifecycle of your office furnishings, from inventory and storage to cleaning and repair. Our experience extends to cover the specialized needs of corporate businesseseducationgovernment and healthcare throughout the Washington, DC and Mid-Atlantic regions.

All of the following asset management and maintenance services are intended to extend the lifetime of your assets and protect your investments in furniture and interior modular construction:

  • Asset management. Bialek can inventory your furnishings and wall panels using barcoding or other methods, then track your assets throughout their lifetime. Call on us to move your furnishings to new locations, rearrange furniture in and around your office, or in and out of use. When it comes time to store furnishings, we'll manage the details of that, as well—all the way down to providing the warehouse space. We'll keep track of what you have, so you can make informed decisions when it comes time to acquire new assets. You may already have what you need!
  • Keep It New program. With Keep It New, Bialek will conduct regular inspections of your office furniture and modular units and perform spot touch-ups and repairs. Along with this service, we'll also manage your warranties and perform warranty work so you'll get the most out of your investment in our products.The Keep It New program is designed to take all the details of asset maintenance and warranty optimization off your shoulders, extend your products' lifetime and keep your furnishings in beautiful working order.
  • Keep It Clean program. The Keep It Clean program is for when your assets need some loving, cleaning care. Perhaps some upholstered chairs have acquired stains. Maybe some wood products are scratched, wall panels are soiled or your metal has ceased to shine. Bialek comes in upon request to make everything right again, so your assets continue to represent your organization well.
  • Ergonomics consulting. If productivity or comfort is compromised by a chair's design or keyboard tray, it may not be the product, but the way it has been fitted or adjusted. Bialek works with your individuals, performing measurements and making adjustments so their workspace conforms to them, instead of the other way around.
  • Repair services. Whether your furniture or modular wall units are in or out of warranty, Bialek delivers responsive repair and restoration services to keep everything from chairs and drawer locks to movable walls in perfect working order. We handle all the warranty paperwork so you don't have to!