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Inspire Flexibility

Bialek's interior modular construction solutions consist of demountable walls from manufacturers like DIRTT,
modular power and data, raised flooring, sound masking, and custom millwork.


One of the most agile, value-conscious and sustainable ways to build out your office interior is through modular construction. By using demountable walls, raised-access flooring and modular power solutions, you'll access unlimited opportunities for customization, expansion and reconfiguration as your needs change.


Better yet, you'll gain environmental advantages over traditional drywall construction and flooring applications, because the ease of reconfiguration and reuse of modular units keeps demolition waste out of our landfills—and budgetary waste out of your coffers—when it's time to move walls, change the functionality of spaces and make room for expansion.

Slick, streamlined and ingenious, interior modular architectural solutions have inspired some of the most creative, productive and inviting environments we've designed. Whether you choose an all-modular solution or one that combines modular architecture with traditional, consider some of the following applications for your offices and count on Bialek to provide the design, installation and maintenance services that support them in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and Mid-Atlantic regions.