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Design Services

Bialek knows how to create office interiors that utilize space wisely, flow productively, incorporate your branding and look beautiful.

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Inspired Idea. Want your investment to also pay off for the earth? Bialek's sustainable design consulting helps make that happen throughout your assets' lifecycle, from researching and specification to removal and recycling.

One of the things that makes Bialek Environments unique is our design department. Our designers don't split their focus between sales and design. Their sole focus is design. In fact, we have one of the highest designer-to-salesperson ratios we know of in the business.

As a result, our designers have the freedom to devote all their time to listening to your needs and turning your vision into something that energizes your workplace. They make their selections solely on the basis of how the furnishings work within your needs. Finally, they place all their attention on providing the best solution to your office furniture, interior modular construction and design challenge.

Exceptional interior office design capabilities.

For Bialek, the design process goes beyond furniture to encompass the way you work—how individuals do their jobs, how departments interact and how work flows through the organization. Therefore, you can count on our designers to be thorough and accurate, working with you during every stage of the design process, including:

  • Needs analysis. Your design is about your needs, not ours. So we work closely with you to determine your goals, assess your workflows and gather the information necessary to produce a design that increases productivity, energy and morale.
  • Space utilization. With shrinking footprints a growing reality, you need someone particularly adept at optimizing space without sacrificing satisfaction. Bialek delivers.
  • Comprehensive design documentation. We're often told we produce the most thorough office design documents in the DC, Maryland, Virginia and Mid-Atlantic regions. We're very proud of that because we strive for that level of detail in everything we do.
  • ICE® 3-D virtual walkthroughs. Our designers can create interactive, 3-D virtual models of your design so you can take walkthroughs long before design is finalized.
  • Sustainable design. Bialek offers sustainable design services and consulting to help you meet your LEED and green goals.

Industry-specific office design expertise.

We're proud to say that all our senior interior designers are graduates of accredited design programs and have at least 15 years of experience designing office interiors. In addition, our entire staff's commitment to continual learning and improvement of their craft is evidenced by ongoing IIDA membership, NCIDQ certifications and Herman Miller PEAK certifications.

When we say we create workplaces that inspire, we truly have the expertise to make that happen. Our team has tackled some of the most complex jobs available in the Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Their subject-matter expertise covers everything from corporate businesses and education to government, healthcare and working with other markets.