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Government Contract Vehicles

Bialek offers furniture and design services through the GSA Schedule and through
contract vehicles with HHS, NIH, EPA, DHS, AFOSR, Pentagon and IMMSS.


Government contract vehicles to energize your offices.
Bialek has extensive experience supplying office furniture, healthcare furnishings, interior modular construction, design services, project management, installation and comprehensive furniture management services to the government market. You can access our capabilities through our GSA Schedules or through existing contract vehicles serving  HHS, NIH, EPA, DHS, AFOSR, Pentagon and IMMSS.


Our expertise extends to both administrative and clinical environments and we are well versed in government contracting requirements, both as a primary contractor and in partnership with other government contractors. In addition, we are a woman-owned small business and hold WBENC and WOSB classifications.


Inspired Idea

Take a look at samples of our work in government offices and government healthcare environments.

Packaged Office GS–28F–0008U
Aurora c/o Richards-Wilcox, Inc. GS-25F-0084M
B Nevins, Ltd. GS-28F-0039P
B Nevins, Ltd. GS-03F-0001S
Brandrud GS-28F-0032P
DIRTT GS-07F-0005T
Exemplis Corporation GS-29F-0295H
Krug, Inc. GS-28F-0021J

National Office Furniture

Nessen Lighting GS-07F-0189U
Nucraft Furniture Co. GS-28F-2037D

Paoli, Inc.


Patrician Furniture, Inc.

Peter Pepper GS-29F-5382A
Peter Pepper GS-07F-0323N
Peter Pepper GS-28F-2062D


CFMS Contract GS-29F-0028W


Blanket Purchase Agreements:  


Bialek CFMS GS-29F-0028W


 HHS HHSP233201200035B
Herman Miller GS-28F-8049H / GS-07F-5623R
DIRTT GS-07F-0005T
Gunlocke GS-28F-0021Y
Paoli GS-28F-0006T
CFMS GS-29F-0028W


Herman Miller Office Furniture GS-07F-5623R / HHSN263999900767B
Herman Miller Lab Furniture GS-28F-0006T / HHSN263201000052B
Paoli GS-28F-8049H / HHSN263201000053B

Bialek Packaged Office



 EPA EP10H001462
Herman Miller GS-28F-8049H
Gunlocke GS-28F-2151D
Tennsco GS-29F-0224G
Tennsco GS-27F-5024C


Herman Miller GS-28F-8049H
Herman Miller Lab Furniture GS-07F-5623R
National Office Furniture GS-27F-0034X
Bretford GS-28F-0034W
Bretford GS-29F-0134G
Sit-On-It GS-29F-0295H
Arcadia GS-28F-1042C
Peter Pepper Products GS-07F-0300X
Peter Pepper Products GS-07F-0323N
Peter Pepper Products GS-28F-2062D
Peter Pepper Products GS-28F-0017X
OFS Brands GS-29F-0304H
Versteel GS-28F-0008S
Versteel GS-28F-0009S
Rubbermaid GS-07F-0039K
Nemschoff GS-28F-2116D
Mayline Group GS-29F-0129G
Equipto GS-27F-5057C
Landscape Forms GS-27F-0016L
Symbiote GS-07F-0369W


 AFOSR FA9550-12-A-0011
Packaged Office GS–28F–0008U
CFMS Contract GS-29F-0028W
Herman Miller GS-28F-8049H


 Pentagon HQ0034-11-A-0016
Herman Miller GS-28F-8049H


 IMMSS W912DY-10-A-0008
Herman Miller GS-28F-8049H
Herman Miller Lab Furniture GS-07F-5623R
Herman Miller V797P-4643A